Professional photographer since 1997; his works have been published in many important Italian Art magazines Tourism and Travels ones. He has already produced a great number of photographic services for Public Institutions such as the Tourist Agency of Umbria (APT Umbria), Tourism Agency of Marche region, S. Marino Republic.
He provides photographic services, made to customer's order.

The images in this site are part of the author's photos archive, that contains about 80,000 photos, available in slides and in digital files.

The photographic archive is developing day by day and it includes pictures about  architecture (ancient buildings, castles, fortresses, abbeys, monasteries, archaeological sites, theatres, etc...); art (museums, art collections, frescos, picture-galleries etc...); still life and landscapes ( mountains, coasts, natural parks etc...); people and folk festivals (folklore meetings, traditional festivals, arts and crafts, handcraft etc...), gastronomy and cookery (traditional dishes, old agricultural activities, rural productions etc...).

In the rich archive there are photos regarding Italy and particularly the central Italian regions (Umbria, Marche, Tuscany, Romagna, S, Marino Republic, Abruzzo, Lazio).

Among the great number of photos about the most famous happenings and festivals in Italy there are the following:

Gubbio, Festa dei Ceri - Spello, Infiorata del Corpus Domini - Orvieto, Festa della Palombella - Perugia, Umbria Jazz - Perugia, Euro Chocolate - Gubbio, Palio della Balestra - Assisi, calendimaggio - Bevagna, Mercato delle Gaite - Norcia, Mostra del Tartufo - Foligno, Quintana - Assisi, processione del Cristo Morto - Fano, il Carnevale - Cantiano, Torba del Venerdì Santo - Castelraimondo, Infiorata del Corpus Domini - Camerino, Corsa alla Spada - Sant'Angelo in Vado, Mostra del Tartufo Bianco - Acqualagna, Mostra del Tartufo - ecc...