All the photographs in this site are owned by the author and all rights are reserved. It is strictly forbidden any kind of reproduction, total or partial, printed or digital and any other commercial utilization without authorization.

The photographic images can be bought for editorial and commercial utilization.

The photographs shown in this site are only the smallest part of the author's photographic archives.

The images are available in digital files or in slides (135 mm - 120 mm).

Prices depend on the specific utilization and on the customer's request, such as : kind of editorial publication, size of the published photos, numbers of purchased photos etc...

The original image (photo or slide) remains of the author's absolute ownership, it will be granted the   utilization right. If you want to buy the original photo, there will be an added price. When the original image is sold, also all rights of reproduction are granted, without any time limits.

B) The images may NOT be copy, published, reproduced, stored, manipulated, altered, transmitted on the web, or used in any form without the express written consent of the photographer. The images  may NOT be duplicated or printed, or transferred to third person without the author's authorization. After the purchase, the right of reproduction will not be granted to third person without written agreement.

C) It is forbidden the utilization of the images on the web without the previous photographer's permission.

D)The photographs given to the customer to have sight of them ( for personal viewing)  must be given back within the fixed time limits. The photos sent  to the customer have a consignment receipt that must be signed by him and then sent back the to the photographer. All the images must be given back in excellent condition, without any damage. A penalty of € 100,00 for each lost photo will be applied in case of loss or no restitution.

E) The photo with utilization rights must be returned to the photographer within 3 months after the usage.  A penalty of € 300,00 each missing photo will be applied in case of loss or no restitution.

F) The photos are provided with the useful informations for a correct utilization.

G) The customer has the obligation to mention the photographer's name on the publications. The photographer  makes request of a copy where photos are published.

H) The invoice must be receipted  within 60 days from the date of issue.

Both the parties submit every other case to the international copyright laws.


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